The Peter Beard Studio

The Peter Beard Studio is the primary source for works by the artist.

The Studio maintains an archive of published and unpublished written and visual materials relating to the artist's life, work, projects, travels, exhibitions and his relations with his cohort.

General Inquiries, Authentication of Original Artworks
Nejma Beard, Executive Director, and Agent to the Artist
Albina DeMeio, Studio Manager
Carol Cornicelli, Assistant to Nejma Beard
Jill Bloomer, Archivist and Sales
Jill Bloomer,
Licensing & Reproductions
Art + Commerce, 531 West 25th Street NY, New York 10001
Tel. 212-206-0737


All authentic Beard works originating from the Peter Beard Studio are signed by the artist and, as of 2002, bear the Studio’s stamp on the reverse.



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