Top: Happy Easter from Alia Bay
Bottom: On Fergusson Gulf Spit, 1966

The Adventures and MisAdventures of Peter Beard in Africa

The Adventures and Misadventures of Peter Beard in Africa is part biography, part social history.

Beard's dramatic life has been matched lockstep by the dramas that have been transforming East Africa since his arrival.

From his front-row seat - Hog Ranch, his 45-acre encampment overlooking the Ngong Hills - he has watched a land of hunters and nomads become an urbanized sprawl, where the annihilation of animal populations has been matched only by the uncontrolled growth of the human population.

Beard has been a player in this drama- he has risked beating and imprisonment at the hand of the local government and political confrontation with international organizations.

Throughout, he has remained a charismatic and controversial character. His life, and Hog Ranch, are filled with glamorous figures: He was friend to Karen Blixen, confident of Francis Bacon and Andy Warhol, discoverer of the model Iman.

His history, has told here by Jon Bowermaster, is ultimately East Africa's story - a look into a world irrevocably changed.