Collecting " the wormes on his teeth", in this case leeches, much as the fabled tooth-thrush is said to do

Eyelids of Morning - The Mingled Destinies of Crocodiles and Men

Hailed by reviewers as “enthralling,” “spectacular,” and “vividly dramatic” when it was first published in 1974, Eyelids of Morning remains a standard for natural history reporting, stunning wildlife photography, cutting-edge ecological ideas, and hard-core realism.  The legendary and fearsome Nile crocodiles and the Turkana tribespeople who live side by side with them are the focus of this classic, the dramatic and adventurous tale of Alistair Graham’s three years of research on Kenya’s Lake Rudolf. Joined by photographer Peter Beard – whose prodigious talent is displayed here in over two hundred full-color and duotone photographs – Graham undertook an investigation into the habits, history, and dubious future of one of the last great crocodile populations on earth in an unprecedented scientific effort to prevent this population’s almost certain extinction.

From years filled with near-fatal encounters with crocodiles, bandits, and drowning, and a variety of conflicts with the Turkanas, the authors fashioned a moving and captivating account of the crocodiles’ profound influence on native myths, symbols, and everyday lives. This is also a sobering documentation of the devastating impact that hunters, explorers, and developers have had on the crocodiles’ existence, as well as a hard look at essential population dynamics and the politics of sheer survival in a world racing toward ecological disaster.

A monumental work, Eyelids of Morning will fascinate anyone concerned with the plight of African wildlife – and the future of humanity itself.