Charging Lion
Aerial Ele Bones Voi Headquarters
Needle Nosed Rhino
Giraffes and Zebras Panoramic
Elephant in front of Kilimanjaro
Elui with tusk
Carl Sagan\'s Croc/ Alistair and 14 footer
Three Rhinos
Heart of Darkness (The Swamp)
Serengeti Lion
Water splash
Wings (Vulture)
Single Cheetah
Gardeners of Eden
Homework Assignment for Joseph Albers at Yale
Murmurs From The Earth (Time Capsule) - Croc Measure
Rothschild\'s Giraffes, Uganda
Crocodile Heads in Water  Crocodile Heads in Water
Reflections in Natural History
Elephants Memory
Hippo and the Hand
Single Cheetah
965 Eles
Aerial Ele Herd
Giraffes and Zebras
965 Eles
Jenny and her Jewelry
Elephant in Front of Kilimanjaro
Turkana Toddler [Boy with pot on his head]
Elephants in the Aberdares
Aberdare Forest, first photo of Bongo
Aerial Ele Herd
Twin elands
Giraffe and baby
Girl with Chains/Basketwood Diptych
Kids and Croc (variant)
Overpopulated Elephants, Murchison Falls, Uganda
Africa Memories,
Snows of Kilimanjaro
Le Miroir du Monde: From Hittites to Ele Bone Piles with Irving Penn (a self-portrait)
Ele Embryo
The Gardeners of Eden,
Enigma (Cape Buffalo)
Zara's Tales
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